Tessa + Ceramics = Tessaramics! 

Your shop is empty! When will it be updated?

If my shop is empty, the approximate date of the next update should be listed. Usually I aim for an update every three months, but as I also sell my work through a couple different avenues it may take a bit longer. I appreciate your patience as I try my best to make my work available!

Do you draw dogs or other animals?

For now, just cats!

Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately I do not make custom orders. There are many amazing ceramic artists and illustrators who do custom work - and I recommend searching for them!

Why is shipping so expensive?

I am not a major corporation, and Canadian shipping is just so expensive. I ensure pieces are packed carefully as ceramics can not be insured against breakage. I source Eco-friendly, reused, or recyclable packaging where possible. 

If you purchase multiple items, shipping WILL BE less expensive - but you will have to allow me time to calculate and refund the difference once I package and ship the item.

Here's a secret: Small businesses usually don't get any huge discounts on shipping that they are keeping from the general public. Any 'shipping discounts' given actually come out of the cost of the item. 

Is this food/microwave/dishwasher safe?

All of my work is food and microwave safe unless otherwise stated in the work description - the clay and glazes tested by yours truly. I recommend hand washing work for the longevity of the pieces. The temperature change between hot and cold in the dishwasher can shock the clay and cause breakage.

Do you do consignment or wholesale in shops?

Yes! I do. Please see my “stockists” page if you’re looking for the locations my work can be found. If you're interested in carrying my work please contact me for more information as I would love to chat more!